Helping communities

Pay it Forward!  Your 501 (c)(3) donations support the Youth in their achievement of the Junior Business League curriculum.  In return, the Youth volunteer and raise money for their communities.   Please DONATE!  Giving to children helps everyone.

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Youth Entrepreneurship

Our priority is to show you that YOU CAN!  You do not have boundaries or limits.  Your dreams are your future.  The Junior Business League: Sparks Creativity!  Encourages! Explores Options! Promotes Giving Back! Teaches Team Building! Builds Self-Esteem! Promotes Confidence! Mentors! Makes Challenges Stepping Stones!

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We are currently looking for youth mentors that can pass a national background check with fingerprint scan.  Every child that comes through our doors has a dream.  Not all dreams are the same.  Donate your time to make a child's dream a reality.

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Five Steps = SUCCESS

The Junior Business League is a Non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization focused on mentoring youth, 10-18 years, through skills-building, business plan development, social activism, volunteering, diversity training, and leadership modules.

Each child commences with an interview in order for their custom enrichment plan to be designed by a Mentor Leader based on the child's age.  The 2nd phase focuses on leadership assets including self-esteem, confidence, team-work, problem-solving, time management, research skills, public speaking, and personal financial planning.

Our 3rd phase is completion of the business plan.

The 4th phase is presenting the business plan to interested parties, including investors, banks, and social media venues if appropriate.

The 5th and last phase of the curriculum is continuing to assist the child with changes to their business as it grows beyond the plan or due to environmental factors.  Or, this phase is used to help the child acquire sponsorship to private secondary schools or matriculate into a college or university.

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Next Steps...

Join the Junior Business League movement.  Mentor a child, sponsor a child or advertise your business with us.